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Everyone of us  the owner of beautiful jewelry, regardless of whether it is made of gold or silver, would like to enjoy it as long as possible. Often, however, we unconsciously influence the fact that it starts with the passage of time  it is losing its shine and does not look its best. Fortunately, this can be prevented. As? Here are a few  advice on caring for gold and silver jewelry.



How to properly store jewelry

No jewelry, even the highest quality one, is resistant to damage, especially the gold-plated one.  Unfortunately, we often forget about it and make a mistake at the very beginning - we do not store our ornaments in an appropriate, safe way.

How to do it properly?

It's best to invest  in a box or casket in which we will store our precious treasures. Thanks to this, our jewelry will be  protected  before  harmful  action  rays  sunny,  damp  and the effects of chemicals that may adversely affect the appearance of our jewelry. Let's not keep jewelry on the bathroom shelf - this is where our treasures are  are most vulnerable to damage (for example, falling into a drain) and exposure to moisture.  It's a good idea to store each piece of jewelry in  jewelry box  - this solution works especially well with chains and necklaces. Thanks to this, the chance of the pendant getting tangled is lower than in the case of keeping all the items loose in one box. However, we can hide the earrings or rings in  string bags.


Daily use

The first, most important rule of everyday use is  removal  her  during the housework. It is especially important in the case of rings - remember to always take them off for washing dishes and clean them, even if you wear gloves for these activities.  Let us also pay attention to the fact that  do not bathe or sleep wearing jewelry. It is also worth taking it off for exercise and physical activity - then it is very easy to wear jewelry or mechanical damage, for example, breaking a chain or losing small parts.  Let's also make sure that our jewelery has something like  the smallest contact with cosmetics  and perfumes. Even precious metals can react with chemicals contained in cosmetics. They are especially dangerous for silver and gold-plated jewelery.


Clean by a professional

Even the most careful use of jewelry will not completely protect it from dirt. That is why it is worth taking care of her regularly  cleaning. Although we can take care of it ourselves at home, using special jewelry care products, it is worth giving it into your hands from time to time.  specialist  - a jeweler who will adjust the cleaning method to a specific piece - because gold or silver jewelery is cleaned differently, and the jewelery decorated with stones is different.  Remember that properly stored, used and cleaned jewelry will help us  to enjoy its shine for many years.

Important information:

Gilding on silver jewelry is subject to natural abrasion. In order to slow down this process, follow a few basic rules. Abrasion is influenced by the frequency of wearing it, so avoid wearing jewelry while doing housework, and take it off when you go to sleep. Jewelery will also lose their gilding in contact with water, perfumes and other cosmetics, and depending on the pH of the skin . The change of the color of the jewelery does not result from a product defect and is not subject to a complaint.

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